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Nesef Teacher

Suitable for: Nesef Masseurs or Advisors who completed the training 'Sale Nesef products level II'.

After either finishing Nesef sales level I and level II, or the training for Nesef masseur and/or Nesef advisor and Nesef sales level II, it's possible to do a teachers training course. After completion this course, the student may give the following trainings: Nesef Therapist, Nesef Advisor and Nesef Sales level I and II.

Apprenticeship: During the training all Nesef courses will be attended for a second time. This time the student assists the teacher and will carry out some assignments.

Dates: When and where these trainings are being held can be found in the 'agenda'.

Duration: Two days course and 8 days of apprenticeship. Starting from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Cost: The costs are: € 540,00. Not included are lunches and the cost of lodging.

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