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The sale of Nesef products level II

Suitable for: Anyone who has done Nesef sales level I or Nesef Advisor or Nesef Masseur and who would like to resell Nesef products to masseurs and advisors.

This training offers extensive knowledge about the areas of effectiveness of the healing oils. The student is taught how to select the right oil by means of different techniques and learns the right massage-techniques that suit that specific oil. Extensive attention is being paid to set up sale-systems, selling-techniques and ethics. After finishing this course one may sell Nesef 'Healing Oil' to therapists, masseurs and advisors.

Dates: When and where these trainings are being held can be found in the 'agenda'.

Duration: Two days cours, from 9.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m.

Cost: The costs are: € 810,00. It includes reference-book, lesson materials and a starter-kit. Not included are lunches and the cost of lodging.

Starter-kit: This kit consists of all Nesef oils (30 ml) in the original packaging, and 3x5 bottles in demo packaging. During the course it is possible to order a subsequent number of demo-bottles.

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