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Nesef Advisor

Suitable for: f.i. coaches, therapists, counselors for adults and children who want to offer the 'Nesef Healing oil' as a supplementary and supportive treatment for their clients.

Opleiding: Binnen deze opleiding wordt kennis aangereikt over het werkingsgebied van de heel oliën. De student leert de juiste olie te kiezen op basis van verschillende technieken. Er wordt aandacht besteed aan de praktische en procesmatige begeleiding van de klant.
Training: This training offers knowledge about the scope of the healing oils. The student learns to select the fitting oil by means of different techniques. Attention will be paid to the practical and structural support of the client.

Dates: When and where these trainings are being held can be found in the 'agenda'.

Duration: two days cours from 9.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m.

Cost: The costs are: € 810,00. It includes reference book, lesson materials and a starter-kit. Not included are lunches and the cost of lodging.

Starter-kit: This kit consists of all Nesef oils (30 ml) in the original packaging, and 3x5 bottles in demo packaging. During the course it is possible to order a subsequent number of demo-bottles.