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Quality and effectiveness
Most important with Nesef is the striving for high quality and powerful effectiveness. Quality is maintained by taking all the necessary steps and even the smallest of details with great care and attention. The ultimate result is to create an optimum healing oil.
Alexandra: ‘During my studies at art-school I was given an assignment to colour a sheet of 12 square blocks with different shades of gray. At first it seemed very boring, but gradually I became fascinated by the shades, and I imagined being in the French countryside, where fields of lavender alternate with vineyards and yellowish grass, some close-by, others far away. Still, all shades of gray. My teacher exclaimed after seeing my drawing: ‘You used colours!’ He saw my inner posture and the intension of the way I had used the gray shades. Apparently others could feel and see the same. Marvelous! I went on playing with it, with great enthusiasm. I recognized the same thing in others and practiced extensively to catch the atmosphere of the evening or the morning in one line.’

Producing quality products is partly dependent on intention and inner posture from the employees working in the company. Intention in which operation and choices are dealt with. To be loyal to your intention: ’to create an optimum healing oil that ensures happiness for human being’ will lead to a product of better quality.
Alexandra: ‘If you prepare a meal with care and tranquility, the taste of it will be more subtle and you will taste better.’

Quality of the raw materials
With the gathering of the oils and raw materials specific attention is being paid to qualities such as freshness, pureness, scent and colour. Attention is also paid as to where on earth and in which specific environment and atmosphere the plants are being grown, in order to make sure that the extracted oil fits in an optimum way.
Francis: ‘It reminds me of good wine-tasters, they can not only determine the grape, but also the area in which it grows, sometimes even the actual vineyard. Further more, they can taste wether or not the wine has potential to develop in time.’

Quality of the procedure and influence on the effectiveness.
Many plants are being grown by the company itself. It is more easy to decide when a plant can be harvested, dried and handled and wether a plant has the required quality. The plant is supposed to harmonize in the most optimum way with the intended effect of the oil. If all ingredients support each other, there is a firm base for a good healing oil.
Francis: ‘I find it remarkable that during the one or two seconds that the olives are in the oil-press, for example the colour changes when the press is made of iron, stainless steel, stone or wood.’

Alchemy and quality
The oils have undergone all kinds of processes, in which they grow to become more powerful and unequivoale. All the ingredients, procedures and materials support, enlarge or protect the healing oil. An optimum composition is not only obtained by the quality of the ingredients. It has to do with the things you mix together, but moment and circumstances matter greatly as well. They influence the effectiveness. Then there is an important fourth factor, and that is attention, care and concentration.

We searched for bottles that fit the oils. The design is Alexandra’s. The bottles are mouth-blown by a small family-business in the Czech Republic. They work with joy and precision. Just as with everything else packaging supports top-quality.

Fair quality and effectiveness
Basic principle with the Nesef team is concern for humans, earth and environment. The majority of orders are given to small-scaled, organic and ecological working companies or are being done by the Nesef team itself. No artificial additives such as colours, scents, fixer, emulsifier or preservatives are added. All ingredients are vegetable and where possible from certified organic agriculture.

Feng Shui, the quality of the company and the product
Thanks to the support of Feng Shui, Nesef has become a successful company with a powerful and energetic atmosphere, in which both humans and plants prosper. The Feng Shui insights and energetic treatments are adapted in every facet of the company, even with the production-process. This young and innovative company stands with its feet firmly on the ground.
Alexandra: ‘I experience the applied Feng Shui as a great support. For me personally as well as for Nesef. This is a completely new product and often I feel that I have to swim against the stream. Despite this, it feels as though I’m on a bicycle on a lovely summer’s day having the wind behind me.’

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