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Alexandra Steverink

‘Early on during my childhood I was taught by my mother how to make St. John Wort Oil. First you had to find the plant, and subsequently you had to let it soak in a bottle of olive-oil for a very long time. Endlessly. Anyway that is how it felt for me as a child. Even now I can still imagine smelling the scent and seeing the beautiful color. The silky twinkle and the little stars triggered by the sun that will appear in such a bottle. The warm red color that heated me up inside. The flowing and slow moving fullness of the oil when a bottle was moved. To me it felt like liquid gold.’

Ever since she finished her studies, physiotherapy, in 1979, Alexandra is in search of means and methods in order to help people to become more prosperous; to support people in the process of becoming complete.

‘In those days it was normal for physiotherapists to work with only one kind of oil. It was a kind of white emulsion, not easily absorbed by the skin. It worked well as a lubricant and would leave no stains on clothing. This emulsion however did have no healing power of value, and it was so. It was no miracle that I started my discovery journey with St. John Wort Oil.’

Curious to find other possibilities and sometimes disappointed with the result after treatment, she dived into the theory and practice of massage techniques and oils. Thorough studies, self-analysis and precise observation and registration makes sure that her theoretical knowledge as well as her practical experience grows steadily. She finds out that there is a connection and a positive interaction between massage techniques, the scent in the room, specific materials surrounding clients and the applicated oils.

‘To me it was an absolute treat to take lessons about oils, both basic and etheric. The scent of an oil enables me to set out on a journey. During one of the lessons we discussed different kinds of fir-trees. One of the oils made me enter a forest in the early morning, a beautiful clear silence, still nobody there, all the activity and bustle of daily life still absent. There was an atmosphere of consciousness, peace and openness. The somewhat damp morning-dew intensely spread the scent of the trees, clear and pure. The oil appeared to have been extracted from fir-trees that grow high in the Himalayas, in pure untouched areas. Only the already fallen branches were picked up with the utmost care and respect. This oil stole my heart.’

After intensive education in oils, Alexandra starts to compose massage oils and uses them in her practice successfully. More and more she finds that these bearing power oils are a magnificent help in her search to find possibilities to help people with the process of becoming ‘fully grown’. At last this is how the exclusive and very delicate Nesef Healing Oil come to existence.

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