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Nesef as a company

Nesef [Neisef]:
Heavenly scent, the scent you spread as a human being, when you, with your personal talents, act in a happy, prosperous and fully committed way. This lovely personal scent has a positive effect on the overall surroundings.

The oils
The oils activate, stimulate and support the processes that bring the human being to its fully grown state.

The team

Alexandra Steverink
is at the base of the Nesef company. Next to the general management, she develops and takes care of preparing all products by hand. Read more

Care and attention for the products, materials, humans and nature are at the center-point of Nesef. From the production process, and the choice of the place on earth where the plants grow, the treatment of the soil and the seed, until packaging and transport, everything is done with this utmost attention and care. Thus, a unique and exclusive product of very refine quality with optimum effect comes to live. Read more

To really help people with their process of growing as a human being. To offer support in bringing individual qualities to prosperity. Creating a greater happiness and wellbeing for mankind as well as everything living.

All Nesef Healing Oil products can be found in the 'shop' .

Activities offered by the Nesef company can be found in the 'agenda' .

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