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Floexi Purifying Salt

Nesef Salt products
After the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami in Japan, Alexandra started to dream of different recipes. One of them was a Purifying Salt. This Purifying Salt, as I saw in my dreams, does not only offer help to people who have been exposed to radiation, but also to those who want to give themselves a more intensive cleaning from various wastes and burdens. Floexi Purifying Salt is 100% pure sun dried Atlantic sea salt, which has undergone a special procedure. It is able to support the body the same way as the body's normal method of cleansing.


  • For everyday use, to properly release and dispose of the ever increasing pollution. Think of the many chemical additives in food and the increased electro smog caused by increasing wireless communication.
  • During emotional times in life, such as dealings with change- or
    treatment- processes and stages of mourning.
  • For very high levels of pollution, such as nuclear disasters or exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • As supplementary food. Sea salt naturally contains many minerals and trace elements.
  • During times of development to greater awareness, happiness and wellbeing.
  • For intensive cleansing cycles, therapy- and coaching- processes or massages.

How it works
The Purifying Salt helps the body quickly and effectively disposes of various wastes. Especially energetic, electromagnetic, emotional and radioactive waste products. When there are too many waste products, the body stores them ‘temporarily’, waiting for a time when they can be excreted. This accumulation takes place on the cell walls. If it is not removed it will create a surplus of waste. With such a surplus the passages will narrow and the cell walls will harden. The supply of nutrients and the excretion of waste are thus delayed or impeded. The functionality of the whole cell decreases, resulting in a deteriorating condition of tissues and organs.
The cleaning salt consists of small salt ions, which attract the waste products through osmotic forces. The ions become bound to the waste and are then transported via the blood to the excretory organs.

Three different concentrations
Floexi ‘normal’ is developed to mildly support the body in its elimination processes. It attracts the dirt ‘which is easily accessible’. Initially, the body benefits from the many salt ions that are able to dissipate the wastes mentioned above. Hence the recommendation to start with the lightest dose. Floexi ‘normal’ clears the way for a more powerful cleaning. 'Normal' can also be used as a maintenance dose after an intensive cleansing cycle.

Floexi ‘medium’ can be taken by anyone who wants to undergo a more intensive cleansing. It can be used with many forms of therapy, cleansing cycles or when exposed to electro smog or light radioactive contamination.

Floexi 'Strong' is a powerful waste attraction and disposal remedy and is suitable for a heavily burdened body. It is recommended to first work with 'normal' and 'medium'. However, if the body is exposed to extremely hazardous substances such as radioactive or chemical contamination, it is desirable to start with 'strong' immediately. This is because the above contaminants can have a damaging effect on the functioning of the body when they are present in the body for a longer time.

What to expect when using the Purifying Salt
With a good usage build-up of the Purifying Salt, in terms of concentration and dosage, the body will be able to remove the waste through the natural excretory organs. The emotional cleansing will then also occur gradually.
With increased pollution or the need for an extensive cleansing you can expect one or more of the following reactions: darker urine, more fragrant perspiration, salty sweat, tears and nasal mucus. Emotional fluctuations can also occur.
At a higher dose cold symptoms and/or emotional instability can occur.

For all three concentrations: build up the dose slowly. Start with one grain three times a day, and wait three days. Note the reactions of the body. Increase the dose slowly, depending on the reaction to the salt. First reduce the number of days and then increase the number of grains. Only in very extreme situations can a person take more than a gram a day. (one gram is about one third of a teaspoon). The salt can be used at all ages. Give children one third of the adult dose.

Support the body during cleansing.
At higher salt secretion levels, the body can be supported by promoting ‘passive sweating’. E.g.a sauna, hot baths, heat wraps, etc. Avoid sweating caused by overexertion. Drink enough water.

Other uses

  • The Purifying Salt supports the quality of life and human welfare. The salt is a welcome support in the process of becoming 'whole', the process of people maturing.
  • 'normal' can be added to boiling water as cooking salt. It cleanses the food of electromagnetic and emotional burdens.
  • As bath salt so that it can cleanse the skin and hair.
  • Shelf life
    Store the salt in a cool and dry place. Do not place in the refrigerator, or near power lines or (transmission) equipment. When the salt gets wet the cleansing action will begin. In this case the salt will cleanse the environment in which it is placed. In case of lumping the effect is greatly reduced.
    ‘normal’ works optimally for 3 years, ‘medium’ for 5 years and 'strong' for 10 years. After this the effectiveness will gradually decrease.

    Nesef is delighted about the great help of many Dutch people. Without this help Nesef would have been unable to develop and produce this special Purifying Salt in such a short time.


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